«My peace in the world» (Erasmus+) 2015

The project ""My peace in the world" was a youth exchange between four countries: Georgia, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine. The activity will take place in Kobuleti, Georgia in 2015.

The main project aim was to find understanding about peace and about what each person can to do for peace inside and outside themselves. How can we influence the world? What can we personally can do to keep peace in the world?

The project objectives were to organise an international exchange for 32 young people; to develop the project participants` skills of communication, creativity and initiative, team work, organisation, decision making and their intercultural competence; to promote social inclusion of special education needs pupils and develop tolerance of mainstream students by helping them learn, work and communicate; to find with participants solutions to peace outside and inside the person; to find out about healthy lifestyle, healthy food and possibilities to take care of health; to find out about possibilities to take care of nature; to give opportunity for pupils with special education needs to organize by themselves different activities and workshops (the teachers and the leaders are supporting them); to develop our tolerance and mutual understanding.

There were 32 participants and 8 leaders in the project. It was 8 participants and 2 leaders per country.

The project partners were Ahtme School (Estonia), College "Akhali Talga" (Georgia), NGO Rodyna (Ukraine) and Adamova special internat school (Latvia). The project application was compiled by: the initiative group of young people from Ahtme School, support of project coordinator, discussions with partners.

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