United Colours of Creativity for Learners' Future

2017 - 2019

The present project is continuation of the previous Erasmus+ partnership project "United Colours of Creativity", which was realised in 2014-2016.
The partnership institutions are Narva Vanalinna Riigikool and Ahtme Kool (Estonia), Agrupamento de Escolas Gardunha e Xisto (Portugal), Gimnazija Brezice (Slovenia), Janina Porazińska Special Education School Complex in Ignaców (Poland), Tarsus Mehmet Akif Ersoy Ortaokulu (Turkey).
The project measurable objectives are:
1. To develop a form of individual learning plan and record of achievement for international integrated programmes.
2. To exchange best practices in using learner-centred approach.
3. To arrange international learning experience for 80 students from 5 countries.
4. To support students in acquiring skills in techniques of the following kinds of art: music, painting, paper art, theatre, dancing.
5. To develop the project participants' creativity, skills of communication, team work, organisation, decision making, their intercultural competence, fluency in English, etc.
6. To strengthen teachers' profiles through arranging 5 international learning programmes, getting experience of teaching multicultural miltilevel groups, realising learner-centered individual plans (at least 100 plans are made and realised during the project totally: for participants of mobilities and local students, who take part in international programmes).
The project meets the priorities of social inclusion, strengthening the profile(s) of the teaching profession and supporting schools to tackle early school leaving (ESL) and disadvantage.
A project like this is a great opportunity for youngsters to become educated and successful people of the 21st century.
New memories, discoveries, teamwork and challenges we meet will be with us all our life and they will influence our values, views, way of teaching and working in general. Arts, love, respect, support, openness, trust and good will can make our students and ourselves more educated, kinder, more tolerant, better and happier people, who take care of their society and the world.

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