Partnership building for SEN pupils' better social inclusion (2013 – 2014)

The project is supported by Nordplus Junior programme.

The project aim is to develop cooperation between four general education schools for young people with special needs. The main focus of the project is be on pupils' preparation for independent life in modern society. There are teachers' mobilities organised to each of the partner countries (Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania), so that the participants can get to know each partner's methods of pupils' preparation for independent life, experience teaching in a foreign environment, study approaches and ways of teaching in a partner institution, improve their fluency in English. During each mobility teachers from all three countries meet together in order to compare their work, share best practices, visit social partners and see how local networks of cooperation act, learn from each other and work out a project for class exchanges to be applied for the next year. Age of the target groups of pupils is 16 - 19 years old.

The partnership is presented by Ahtme School (Estonia), Hammarögymnasiet (Sweden) and two schools from Lithuania (Kėdainių specialioji mokykla and Vilniaus ,,Atgajos" specialiosios mokyklos). The project team includes 2 teachers from each country, who meet in all three countries in order to achieve the project objectives. The project should start long-term cooperation between four partner institutions and become a foundation for further projects involving pupils and giving them opportunities for better social inclusion in modern society.

Our teachers in the project: Arina Leppik and Jelena Speževa

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